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Allan Välimaa – Guitars
Juhana Korkka Heinonen – Bass and backup vocals
Jouni Matilainen – Lead vocals
Iiro Karjalainen – Drums
Oskari Niekka – Guitars and backup vocals

Re-Armed, originating from Kerava, Finland, forged their path in 2001, uniting melodic death and thrash metal influences. Their journey gained momentum with the release of acclaimed demo tapes, paving the way for the international debut of ‘Worldwide Hypnotize’ in January 2012, courtesy of the German label, Massacre Records. The release was followed by tours in Europe along with American bands Chimaira, Suffocation, Origin, Cattle Decapitation and Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy.

As the band navigated through lineup changes, the second album, ‘Rottendam,’ surfaced in January 2014 via German label, Eternal Sound Records. This period saw substantial shifts in the band’s composition, with guitarist/songwriter Tommi Helkalahti departing, leaving vocalist Jouni Matilainen as the sole remaining founding member.

The year 2015 marked a swift rebirth, witnessing the release of the self-produced EP ‘Total Lack of Communication’ in August, and a subsequent tour across Finland, Baltics, and China.

September 2016 brought the unveiling of ‘The Era of Precarity,’ their third album, through the Finnish label, Saarni Records. This release garnered widespread acclaim, with Metal Rules webzine hailing it as “Their most ambitious, fully realized work to date.”

Touring in Japan with melodic death metal legends Insomnium and in Spain with German thrash metallers Dust Bolt in 2016 and 2017 expanded Re-Armed’s global footprint. The fall of 2018 saw the release of the single ‘Built to Last’ via Finnish label, Inverse Records, showcasing a more melody-oriented and symphonic approach.

Their fourth full-length, ‘Ignis Aeternum,’ arrived on June 5, 2020, through Swedish label, Black Lion Records. The record’s three singles, including the widely popular “Beyond the Horizon,” emphasized the band’s dynamic musical evolution. Despite the album’s positive reception and subsequent sold-out status, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the promotional tour, redirecting the band’s focus toward crafting new material.

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Re-Armed unveiled the EP “XX” on January 27, 2022, via Inverse Records. Looking forward, 2024 holds promise with the impending release of their yet untitled fifth album. The first single, “Lost and Cast Off,” is set to drop on January 25, 2024, through Inverse Records. Get ready to elevate your awareness, as the band consistently broadens their sonic horizon with each new release.

“Melodic death metal from Finland”

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(EP) 2022, Inverse Records

1. As the Stars Align
2. Monoeyes
3. Beyond the Horizon (acoustic version)
4. Tomorrow
5. Ode to Life (symphonic version)
6. Evolve Cycle (arcade version)

Ignis Aeternum

(album) 2020, Black Lion Records

1. Dive Within
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Ode to Life
4. Eager to Collapse
5. Resistance
6. The Hollow Lights
7. Remain Unbounded
8. Words Left Unsaid
9. Voyager
10. Built to Last

The Era of Precarity

(album) 2016, Saarni Records

1. Novus Ordo Seclorum
2. Lullaby of Obedience
3. Through The Barricades
4. Riot Act
5. Ivory Towers
6. Years of Decay
7. Three Headed Beast
8. Evolve Cycle
9. The Aftermath
10. Cursed Beyond Belief
11. Purification
12. The Hunt Is On!

Total Lack of Communication

(EP) 2015, self-released

1. Total Lack of Communication
2. Meant To Be Broken
3. Unhuman


(album) 2014, Eternal Sound

1. Dead Light District (intro)
2. Rottendam
3. Wracked
4. Hedonist
5. SuperAnimal
6. Putos Muertos
7. Apocalypse Postponed
8. Freakshow
9. Exiled (outro)

Worldwide Hypnotize

(album) 2012, Massacre Records

1. Natural Backlash
2. Save Yourself
3. Feardrops
4. Hoax
5. Worldwide Hypnotize
6. Deathtrap
7. The Bridge That Leads Nowhere
8. King Authority (Honour to Serve)
9. Trance

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